26 December 2016, 15:11


Lugansk city major transport link reopened (PHOTO)

LPR head Igor Plotnitskiy and Lugansk city administration head Manolis Pilavov launched an overpass bridge in Sovetskaya Street on Monday reopening a major transport link between southern neighbourhoods and city centre.

"Thanks to Russia’s support and people’s changing outlook which enables them to work good and proper, I know that this bridge is more solid than ever before," Plotnitskiy said addressing city residents during the launch event.

Minor final works would be completed in the spring, the LPR head said.

"Traffic will resume along the bridge today. I said at a New Year celebration party the other day that we shouldn’t complain about this year. In this difficult time, with ongoing war, I believe we have many good achievements we must be proud of," Pilavov said.

City authorities suspended motor traffic via the rundown bridge in Sovetskaya Street on 3 February 2016 after collapse of its 15-meter pedestrian section. Traffic in the area was rerouted  and bridge repairs commenced from March 1.

Ukrainian authorities repeatedly tried to build a new bridge next to the old one, but construction was frozen shortly before Kiev offensive on Donbass in spring 2014.

LuganskMediaCentre — 26 December — Lugansk