7 August 2018, 18:51



Lugacom launches new base station in Lugansk to improve service

LUGANSK, August 7 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Lugacom, the Lugansk People’s Republic domestic mobile operator has launched a new base station in Lugansk to improve the quality of its services, the LPR Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry said citing company deputy director general Eduard Yegorov.

In the beginning of August, Lugacom launched another base station in Lugansk's Artyomovskiy district. Technicians have successfully integrated the fifth base stations as part of the network upgrade project,” the Ministry reported.

Lugacom’s immediate plans are to install and connect to the network two more base stations in the Republic.

“Specialists are working nonstop to modernise the mobile network. As we said before, our customers will see a significant increase in the quality of voice calls and other Lugacom services by the end of summer,” Yegorov said.

Earlier, he said that the company would launch five new base stations in the near future.

Lugacom base stations already boosted the quality of services in Malaya Vergunka and the Faschevka settlement in the Antratsitovskiy district and in the Privetnoye village in the Slavyanoserbskiy district.

On 18 June 2015, the Republic’s Telecom and Communications Ministry reported that new republican mobile operator Lugacom had been launched; the sale of basic cell phone plans began at LPR Post offices in early September.

As of late 2015, some 160 Lugacom base stations had covered more than 85 percent of the Republic’s territory. The Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry launched another 25 base stations across the LPR in January through November 2017.

In April 2017, the number of Lugacom active subscribers reached 150,000, in late November, it increased to nearly 400,000.

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