12 July 2018, 14:30



LPR's Pasechnik launches sunflower oil factory (PHOTOS)

LUGANSK, July 12 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Acting Lugansk People’s Republic Head Leonid Pasechnik and Lugansk administration head Manolis Pilavov have launched the Republic’s first sunflower oil factory based on the Lugansk-Niva public company.

LPR Agriculture and Food Minister Yuriy Pronko and LPR Economic Development Minister Elena Kostenko visited the facility.

Pasechnik underlined that the sunflower oil mill had been launched within the scope of the programme for LPR socio-economic development till 2023. He asked Lugansk-Niva CEO Zinaida Naden to share the key facts about the new agribusiness.

 Naden said that sunflower oil production was not Lugansk-Niva’s core business as it was focused on grain crops.

“Due to the situation with food producers and taking into account the fact that sunflower seeds sales were assigned to certain companies, a decision was made to build a facility and purchase equipment to process sunflower seeds and produce oil,” she said.

She said that the implementation of the project would create more jobs at the company and boost deductions to all social sectors and budget revenue.

“It is an investment project, an LPR investor contributed its own funds to launch new production. The implementation of the project began in 2015,” the LPR economic development minister said.

She said that the sunflower oil factory was complete cycle production, i.e. LPR farmers grow sunflower, Lugansk-Niva purchases and processes it and sells quality sunflower oil at lower prices compared with other brands.

Pasechnik, speaking to the executive and legislative branches of power over the results of the public discussion of the LPR socio-economic development programme till 2023, called Our Choice, named the strategic goals of the agricultural sector which included strengthening food security by stepping up domestic food production.

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