17 June 2017, 15:01


LPR urges international community to avert ecocide in Kiev-controlled territory

LUGANSK, June 17 (Lugansk Media Center) – The participants of the round table "Ecocide in Ukraine" have adopted a resolution calling on the international community to unite to stop ecocide in Kiev-controlled territory.

The resolution says "LPR residents express concern over Kiev's actions which lead to an environmental disaster and ravage of Lugansk region natural resources."

"People working in Kiev-controlled territory report continuous demolishing of natural resources, forests, pollution of rivers and soils. Ukraine acts in a barbaric way destroying the heritage of our grandfathers."

"We consider it necessary to inform the international community on the looming environmental disaster, the boundaries of which will be vague."

"The international community should share our concern and efforts to preserve the natural resources and industrial capacity of the region."

"We urge all reasonable powers, all fellow thinkers to unite our efforts to avert the catastrophe in Kiev-controlled territory."

LuganskMediaCentre — 17 June — Lugansk