29 December 2016, 17:38



LPR Trade Unions Federation helps relaunch 16 coalmines in 2016

LPR Federation of Trade Unions helped to relaunch 16 coalmines in the Republic, FTU chairman Oleg Akimov told Lugansk Media Centre.

“FTU and its branches paid special attention to coal mining in 2016 lending it positive dynamics,” Akimov said.

“Despite economic and transport blockade by Ukraine, Komsomolskaya and Partizanskaya coalmines of Antratsit Group and the Nagolchanskaya wash house resumed production,” he went on.

Five of seven Donbassantratsit Group mines were relaunched: Novopavloskaya, Khrustalskaya, Miusinskaya, Knyagininskaya and Krasnoluchskaya.

Seven of nine Tsentrugol Group mines and Shakhta Lomovatskaya state-owned coal-mining enterprise are back in operation as well.

Coal industry administration prepared relaunch programmes for 19 mines, Akimov said adding that coal was delivered for free to industry veterans of Tsentrugol Group and Antratsit and Donbassantratsit mines under republican welfare programme.

FTU monitors liquidation procedures for 13 LPR mines and delivery of fuel to pensioners of liquidated enterprises, the FTU leader said.

LuganskMediaCentre — 29 December — Lugansk