25 September 2018, 17:58


LPR to use Krasnodon sturgeon farm experience to develop fisheries - Pasechnik

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LUGANSK, September 25 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The Lugansk People’s Republic will use the Krasnodon sturgeon farm technology to develop fisheries, acting LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik said.

On Tuesday, Pasechnik and Natural Resources and Environmental Safety Minister Yuriy Degtyaryov visited the only LPR sturgeon farm located in Krasnodon.

The Republic’s leader said that he had recently heard about the business and decided to see its operation.

He noted that the farm was exemplary in terms of high technology which was crucial in modern production.

“I believe our Republic will certainly use this experience. Firstly, it’s an environmentally friendly product, secondly, it’s a source of budget revenue, and lastly, it strengthens our economy, so we’ll adopt this experience for a pilot project and expand it across the Republic,” Pasechnik said.

Pasechnik said that the Republic was ready to provide all assistance to the business people who had set up and preserved unique sturgeon breeding facilities in wartime.

Degtyaryov said that the Lugansk region’s fisheries had been rundown for years because of poachers and lack of government funding.

“Our Republic encourages businesses to look for effective fish breeding technologies. We aim to achieve self-sufficiency in fisheries production,” the minister said. 

The Krasnodon sturgeon farm is the pilot project “which showed the Republic the path that can be taken.” This fish farm should attract foreign and domestic investors “who can come here and see for themselves” that this kind of business has good prospects, he added.

“They have sturgeon here, but such farms can be set up for any fish species. Understandably, they will need more mixed feed, equipment etc. Such centres will help us achieve it,” the environmental safety minister said.

Sturgeon farm director Roman Dubovik said that he had dreamed of breeding endangered species since his was a child.

“The capacity of our closed cycle water supply system enables us to produce 3.5 tons of fish a year if feeding and other requirements are met. I believe we can expand our business to breed other species, such as crawfish,” Dubovik said. “I hope that the the visit by the acting LPR Head will help promote our business.”

Earlier, he said in an interview to the Lugansk Media Centre that the sturgeon farming had good prospects in the LPR.

LuganskMediaCentre — 25 September — Lugansk