20 April 2020, 22:12



LPR to reorganize coal industry - Prime Minister

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LUGANSK, April 20 (Lugansk Media Centre) – LPR is going to reorganize its coal industry, said the Republic's Prime Minister Sergey Kozlov at the meeting  with LPR key ministers.

"The program to reorganize the coal industry will be launched soon," he said.

"The primary task is to make all coal enterprises cost-effective, pay salaries on time and keep all the social guarantees for their employees," he said.

"The reorganization is long-awaited and is an acute issue," said the Chairman of the Trade Unions Federation Oleg Akimov said.

The Minister of Economic Development Svetlana Podlipayeva added that the state program is based on the experience of various countries, including Russia.

If an employee is laid off, he will be proposed two new employment options at state enterprises, public utilities companies, transport and infrastructure enterprises, etc with the salary no smaller than at a coal enterprise.
The companies receiving forms miners will be provided with state subsidy.

The employees will also be provided with an opportunity to retire three earlier than the official retirement date; they will be provided with the severance pay at the rate of two minimum wages.

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