11 July 2018, 15:36



LPR to lift ban on wheat export as harvesting is completed

LUGANSK, July 11 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The LPR is to lift its temporary ban on wheat of all classes export as soon as the reserve food stocks are filled, said the minister of agriculture Yuri Pronko as the LPR acting head Leonid Pasechnik was visiting Lugansk Niva food company.

The ban was introduced since July 1 by the decision of the Council of Ministers to provide food security.

The Minister said that after harvest is completed, and the stocks for bread and fodder production are full, the ban would be lifted and the excess wheat would be made available for sale at higher prices.

LPR farmers have harvested 30 percent of wheat as the harvesting began on June 29.

LuganskMediaCentre — 11 July — Lugansk