12 March 2018, 14:47



LPR thwarts Ukrainian spy living in Lugansk

LUGANSK, March 12 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs has thwarted a spy living in Lugansk and working for Ukrainian special services.

"Despite the measures taken by the LPR authorities to bring peace to Donbass people, Kiev keeps stocking to the policy of aggression against LPR people. They also actively use national reconnaissance agencies curated by the US consultants."

"The Ukrainian security service in Severodonetsk has recruited an LPR resident – Bondarenko Eduard Pavlovich, born in 1972, who infiltrated LPR territory to provide reconnaissance data and participate in sabotage activities," the ministry's press service said.

"He was recruited by Ukrainian security service in Lugansk region officers Skritutskiy Andrey Alexandrovich, Migal Maxim Vladimirovich and Shevchenko Alexander Vitaliyevich."

"As the result of LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs professional actions, the activity of the spy has been thwarted at an early stage and its negative consequences have been neutralized. The Republic and its residents incurred no damage."

LuganskMediaCentre — 12 March — Lugansk