14 February 2017, 14:18

LPR State Security Ministry thwarts 13 Ukrainian spies in January

LPR State Security Ministry (MGB) officers curbed the activity of 13 Ukrainian secret service agents in the Republic in January.

“In January 2017, MGB recorded, substantiated and thwarted the operation of 13 Ukrainian operatives, as part of measures to expose and stop intelligence and subversive activity of foreign secret services damaging LPR security and interests,” MGB press service reported.

“MGB proved the involvement of these persons in gathering and transfer of sensitive data in military, socio-political and economic spheres in the interests of Ukrainian secret services,” it said.

MGB’s efforts to thwart foreign secret t services in LPR territory are ongoing.

MGB officers exposed and thwarted more than 130 foreign operatives in LPR over the past two years.


LuganskMediaCentre — 14 February — Lugansk