5 September 2017, 18:58


LPR State Bank poised to launch ATMs, POS terminals

LUGANSK, September 5 (Lugansk Media Center) – LPR State Bank is completing preparations to launch a credit card processing system, the regulator’s press service reported.

“State Bank specialists installed ATMs and POS terminals with dedicated software at a number of offices as part of the project to launch a credit card processing system,” the press service said. “The equipment is ready for operation, but it has not been put in service yet.”

As of 5 September, six ATMs were installed in the State Bank offices at 2a Oboronnaya Street, 1 Tarasa Shevchenko Street, 27 Kotsyubinskogo Street, 4 Ploschad Geroyev VOV, 7 Ploschad Geroyev VOV and 2b Kvartal Likhovida.

ATMs were also installed in the buildings of LPR Administration and the Republic’s Trade Union Federation. As many as 117 POS terminals (to process card payments) were installed in State Bank offices in Lugansk.

“At the initial stage, ATMs will enable credit card holders to withdraw cash from bank accounts and check the balance, the number of functions will expand later on,” the State Bank said.

Balance replenishment and cash withdrawal options are available through POS terminals at State Bank offices; card-to-card transfer option is in the Bank’s plans. POS terminals at shops and supermarkets such as the Narodniy retail network will enable customers to pay for goods and services, the Bank’s press service said, adding that only the cards issued by the State Bank would be accepted.

The technicalities of the processing system functioning, i.e. the installation of ATMs and POS terminals and putting them in service will proceed according to schedule, as the number of credit card users increases, State Bank director Dmitriy Chaikin noted.

The first credit cards will be issued to personnel of the Republic’s ministries and departments and bank offices staff.

The gap between the issue of credit cards in Lugansk and other LPR towns will not exceed two months, according to preliminary information. The credit card issue date will be announced in the nearest future, the State Bank said.

On 22 August, acting minister of LPR Council of Ministers Natalia Khorsheva said that the Council had amended the list of services provide by the Republic’s State Bank, for example it fixed the cost of opening a credit card and maintenance fees for natural persons.

Earlier, the State Bank press service announced phased implementation of the project to introduce a credit card processing system.

LuganskMediaCentre — 05 September — Lugansk