13 February 2018, 14:18


LPR State Bank operates ATMs, POS terminals across Republic

LUGANSK, February 13 (Lugansk Media Centre) - LPR State Bank now has ATMs and POS terminals in all areas of the Republic, the regulator told Lugansk Media Centre.
“Pursuing the policy to enhance the effectiveness of non-cash transactions, LPR State Bank launched ATMs and POS terminals in all districts and towns of the Republic,” it said.
The Bank plans to transfer all social payments and wages into the cashless segment and secure stable functioning of LPR settlement system for customers’ convenience making their visits to Bank branches unnecessary.
“Our personnel have teamed up and gained considerable experience. We’re doing everything to provide quality and quick banking services to LPR citizens at the locations convenient to the customers,” State Bank Director Dmitriy Chaikin noted.
“State Bank has installed ATMs and terminals in all all districts and town of the Republic and aims to increase the number of POS terminals and non-cash transactions through payment cards,” Chaikin added.
Earlier, he said the Bank had issued more than 22,000 payment cards to its customers. 
Chalkin's deputy Darya Kondachkova who heads the Bank’s Retail Business Department said LPR had begun to issue cards to pensioners and welfare benefit recipients.
The press service said the regulator planned to phase in the credit card payment processing system in LPR.

LuganskMediaCentre — 13 February — Lugansk