24 March 2017, 15:56



LPR showcases 41 investment opportunities, profits up to $794 thousand

LPR showcased 41 investment opportunities at today's First Investment Forum in Lugansk, said the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade representative Tatyana Prokaza.

"Over 300 people – potential investors from nine countries – took part in the event. We showcased 41 investment opportunities and offered 99 vacant plots of land and industrial grounds," she said.

In particular, LPR needs investments in underground water pumped from mines treatment and water supply to customers.

"We have 10 bilge pumps stations stationed at non-operating mines, five of them are underground, five are equipped with submersible pumps; they pump 106 thousand cubic meters per day. Thus LPR loses three mln cubic meters of water in a month," said a representative of state company Uglerestrukturizatsia Roman Lukinov.

He said the most effective way to treat water is with membrane technology.

"Partly desalted water that meets drinking water standards can be mixed with water in water pipes or supplied via independent ducts," he explained.

The investment figures are at 190-290 mln RUR levels, with operating cost of treating one cubic meter of water at 7-9 RUR. Expected profits stand at 21-46 mln RUR per year ($362-$794 thousand), the pay-back period is estimated at 3.5-4 years, Lukinov said.

LuganskMediaCentre — 24 March — Lugansk