11 July 2017, 21:26



LPR Security Ministry has suspects in 7 July Lugansk terrorist attacks probe

LUGANSK, July 11 (Lugansk Media Center) – LPR State Security Minister Leonid Pasechnik said the investigators have suspects in the ongoing probe into the terrorist attacks carried out in Lugansk on 7 July.

Two terrorist attacks were carried out near World War II Heroes Square in Central Lugansk last week. A woman was killed and another five people were injured in the explosion of a bomb containing submunition, which had been planted in a litter bin at the entrance to a food shop.

Two persons were injured in the second blast that occurred several dozen meters away, after law-enforcement personnel and militia came to work at the scene of the first terrorist attack. The victims suffered multiple injuries.

“A circle of suspects has been identified within the probe into the double terrorist attack in LPR territory. All LPR law-enforcement bodies are involved in a special operation to apprehend and detain them,” Pasechnik said.

Earlier, LPR State Security Ministry circulated identikits of two persons suspected of involvement in the 7 July terrorist attacks.

“Simultaneously, we’re taking measures to identify commanders of Ukrainian army and paramilitary units, National Guard and other Kiev-controlled law-enforcement bodies complicit in terrorist attacks and abductions and murders of LPR civilians,” the minister said.

He said the acts of terror were conclusive proof of Kiev’s waging an aggressive war against peace and security of the people living in Donbass.”

The State Security Ministry is documenting the illegal activity of Ukrainian secret services related to murders and abductions of LPR militiamen. “At the present time, we’re ascertaining the involvement of certain persons in the Ukrainian military and law-enforcement bodies in the above crimes,” Pasechnik added.

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