1 March 2018, 19:00


LPR residents brave snowdrifts, stormy winds on first spring day

LUGANSK, March 1 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The first day of spring in the Lugansk People’s Republic brought snowdrifts and gale force winds up to 24 metres per second, the Republic’s Weather Service told Lugansk Media Centre.

“Weather forecasters reported snowfalls, icy roads and eastern winds reaching a velocity of 19 to 24 metres per second across much of the Republic and slight road icing in the south,” it said. "Ice pellets were 1 millimetre in diameter; snowfalls left two centimetres of snow, night temperature dropped to - 8 Celsius, day temperature was at - 4 Celsius. The average daily temperature is much lower than the norm.”

A cyclone building on the Mediterranean Sea cold front will move to central Ukraine on 3 March. Unstable weather with snowfalls, snow and rain mixed, rain on 4 March and road icing is expected.  Southeastern winds on 3 March will become southwesterly on 4 March, 9 to 14 metres per second with gusts up to 20 metres per second. Ambient temperature will climb to - 1 Celsius to + 4 Celsius, according to the forecast.

Lugansk Avtodor state-owned road construction enterprise director Oleg Koval said some 50 units of snow-cleaning equipment had been used across the Republic.

Earlier, Koval said that traffic had been suspended on T1320 motorway Georgiyevka-Rovenki due to adverse weather conditions. Bad weather also provoked delays on Bryanka-Komissarovka, Krasnodon-Boshoi Sukhodol, Uspenka-Antratsit, Pevervalsk-Ivanovka and Ivankovka-Krasnaya Polyana roads.

LPR rescuers pulled 11 cars carrying some 20 people out of snowdrifts over the past 24 hours.

LuganskMediaCentre — 01 March — Lugansk