11 January 2019, 16:08


LPR reports isolated cases of measles, while Ukraine battles massive outbreak

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LUGANSK, January 11 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Incidence of measles in the LPR are isolated, unlike Ukraine swept by a measles epidemic, the head doctor of the sanitary-epidemiological station in Lugansk Dmitry Dokashenko said.

Ukrainian Health ministry reported 54,481 cases of the highly infectious virus in 2018, of those  20,204 adults and 34,277 children; sixteen people died of complications: 12 children and four adults. Since the beginning of 2019, over two thousand cases have been reported across Ukraine, the majority of affected are children. Two have already died of measles: a two-year old boy and a 49-year-old man.

"In the LPR, measles cases are isolated, while Ukraine deals with a massive outbreak, or an epidemic, to speak in medical terms."

"We have had an immunization, while Ukraine has not. Vaccination is voluntary both here and in Ukraine, but we have made efforts to address it focusing on groups of children. Children who study in schools or attend daycare must be vaccinated," Dokashenko said.

He said earlier that the LPR has enough vaccine to carry out immunization on required scale.

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