12 April 2018, 14:09


LPR releases Lugansk Region cosmonauts postal stamps

LUGANSK, April 12 (Lugansk People’s Republic) - The state unitary enterprise LPR Post has put into circulation “Lugansk Region Cosmonauts" stamps to mark Cosmonautics Day, the Lugansk People’s Republic Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry said.

On April 12, 2018, LPR Post puts into circulation the postal stamps “the Lugansk Region Cosmonauts” to mark Cosmonautics Day,” the ministry said.

The stamp “S.Shonin” displays a portrait of Soviet cosmonaut Georgiy Shonin who was born in Rovenki. It features a white background transiting to violet and the LPR coat-of-arms with the inscriptions “G.S. Shonin,” “Hero of the Soviet Union,” and “LPR 2018.” The stamp sells at a nominal price of 52 rubles.

The stamp “April 12” shows a photoshopped space rocket, the Earth, the Moon against the background of outer space, the LPR coat-of-ams and the inscriptions “April 12,” “Cosmonautics Day,” and “LPR 2018.” The nominal price is seven rubles.

The stamp “V.Lyakhov” depicts Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Lyakhov who was born in Antratsit. The stamp features a white background changing to violet, the LPR coat-of-arms, and the inscriptions “V.Lyakhov”, “Hero of the Soviet Union”, and “LPR 2018.” The stamp sells at a nominal price of 52 rubles.

Overall, LPR Post will issue 6,000 such stamps measuirng 29.5 x 40 mml.

Russia marks the world’s first ever flight into space by Yury Gagarin on Cosmonautics Day, April 12.

International Aviation and Cosmonautics Day was declared in 1968.

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