25 February 2019, 15:41


LPR Prosecution says 3,000 people are recognized victims of Kiev's aggression

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LUGANSK, February 25 (Lugansk Media Centre) – LPR Prosecutor General's Office has identified more than three thousand plaintiffs in cases against Kiev's aggression in Donbass, said the head of the Prosecutor General's Office department Yulia Bunyachenko.

Patrick Poppel, director of the Suvorov Institute in Vienna, Austrian human rights activist and Gunnar Lindemann, member of Berlin's regional parliament from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party have arrived in Donbass to collect evidence of Ukrainian aggression.

Bunyachenko said that Prosecutor General's Office Is investigating three cases against Kiev's aggression.

"Over thousand shelling episodes have been recorded, three thousand people are recognized as aggrieved party: of those 2,054 have been killed and 1,296 injured, including 29 killed children and 32 injured children."

There are more victims still unidentified, the prosecution said.

"We have filed over 300 applications with the European Court of Human Rights, but people are loosing hope to be heard."

LuganskMediaCentre — 25 February — Lugansk