17 March 2017, 18:38


LPR police thwarts attempt to murder high-rank military

LPR police thwarted attempt to murder chief enlistment officer Igor Marshuba, plotted by saboteurs who had installed an IED in his house, said police major Aleksey Selivanov.

"On March 16 LPR Ministry of Interior thwarted an attempt to carry out a terror attack on LPR chief enlistment officer Igor Marshuba."

"Police operational investigation group arrived in Marshuba's house in the morning March 16 and discovered an IED."               

Preliminary investigation showed that the IED had been planted by Ukrainian special operations forces saboteurs.

The officers of LPR Ministry of State Security and the Ministry of Interior uncovered a network of sabotage-reconnaissance groups who had been operating in the Republic. The detained saboteurs confessed a number of crimes they had committed in LPR, DPR and Russia.

LuganskMediaCentre — 17 March — Lugansk