11 April 2019, 17:25



LPR petrol prices almost twice cheaper than in Ukraine - Lugansk Media Centre survey

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LUGANSK, April 11 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Prices of 92 and 95 octane petrol in the Lugansk People’s Republic are 1.7 times cheaper than in Ukraine, said the survey the Lugansk Media Centre conducted in the LPR and Ukraine.

As of April 11, the average ruble-denominated price of A-92 petrol in Kiev-controlled part of the Lugansk region at the rate quoted by the LPR State Bank made up 65.82 rubles  per litre, A-95 petrol cost 68.24 rubles and diesel fuel 63.4 rubles.

On Thursday, the LPR Fuel, Energy and Coal Industry Ministry said that the state-owned company Lugansknefteprodukt had slashed petrol and diesel fuel prices at its petrol stations across the Republic for the seventh time since the beginning of this year.

One litre of A-92 petrol at Lugansknefteprodukt outlets costs 38.5 rubles, A-95 costs 40 rubles and diesel fuel 47.2 rubles.

Consequently, A-92 petrol in LPR is 27.32 rubles cheaper than in Ukraine and A-95 is 28.24 or 1.7 times cheaper. The price of the LPR’s diesel fuel is 16.2 rubles lower  than Ukraine’s.

The LPR last cut fuel prices in late February 2019.

Earlier, head of the Ministry's oil and gas sector Alexey Mosiychuk said that on January 7, the LPR significantly decreased petrol prices at government outlets for the second time since November 2018. Mosiychuk also said that the next fuel price decrease could be expected as early as spring and that further phased price cuts would be implemented.

In October 2018, the LPR Council of Ministers passed a tax incentive resolution which cut the excise duty on light petroleum products from 150 US dollars to 50 US dollars per ton.

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