30 November 2017, 19:09


LPR People’s Militia website attacked by Ukrainian secret services, foreign hackers

LUGANSK, November 30 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Ukrainian secret services, assisted by foreign hackers, compromised LPR People’s Militia website.

“Over the past week, LPR People’s Militia website has come under several dozen cyberattacks from Ukrainian secret services,” LPR People’s Militia spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko said.

“The wrongdoers succeeded in blocking access to our official website today,” Marochko said. “According to our information, Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU) enlisted the help of foreign specialists in downing the website.”

“We’re making all efforts to restore the hacked site, but we do not rule out the appearance of damaging information against People’s Militia and LPR in general,” Marochko said.

On 22 November, provocateurs compromised LPR People’s Militia website to post false information. The second cyberattack followed on 29 November.

Earlier, Ukrainian secret services guided hackers’ attacks on the websites of LPR government bodies, public organisations and mass media. Provocation materials were also posted on hacked social media pages of LPR residents.

LuganskMediaCentre — 30 November — Lugansk