14 April 2017, 16:33



LPR People's Militia helds first rehearsal of the Victory Day parade (PHOTOS)

LPR People's Militia has held the first rehearsal of the Victory Day parade, said LPR People's Militia spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko.

Details on the schedule and number of participants have not been disclosed yet.

"We visited the place where rehearsals are held," said Marochko. "You can see, there is still room for improvement, but by May 9 we shall be prepared."

"The parade will be very interesting, we invite everyone, including residents of Kiev-controlled territories," said Marochko.

The OSCE SMM can at any time inspect the military hardware to be used in the Victory Parade on May 9 in Lugansk, said LPR People's Militia earlier.

Earlier Marochko said that the SMM carried out an inspection of LPR military hardware to be used in the parade to commemorate the Victory Day on May 9 and were satisfied with what they had seen.

LuganskMediaCentre — 14 April — Lugansk