4 September 2017, 19:29



LPR People's Militia Command orders to facilitate SMM unrestricted operation

LUGANSK, September 4 (Lugansk Media Center) – LPR People's Militia Command issued an order to provide unrestricted operation of the OSCE SMM.

"All cases of unreasonable restriction of the SMM work must be reported to senior staff member on watch and thoroughly investigated, those capable should be punishable up to dismissal from the People's Militia service," the order says.

LPR People's Militia commanders must:

- Facilitate the SMM staff work aimed at easing tensions and restoring peace, stability and security in the designated zones under Article 3 of their mandate;

- To prevent all provocations on the personnel part towards the SMM members;

-  To prevent any restriction of the SMM movements along all roads, directions in the designated zones;

- To provide personal safety of the SMM staff on duty;

- To warn the SMM about all hazards connected to mine fields, live-fire exercises, anti-sabotage operations;

- To facilitate coordination with staff responsible for SMM UAVs launch to avert interference with drones' operation.

The LPR People's Militia Command designated the duty shift as responsible for the control over the prevention of unreasonable restriction of the SMM's work.

LuganskMediaCentre — 04 September — Lugansk