2 February 2018, 16:22


LPR parliament approves counter extremism law

LUGANSK, February 2 (Lugansk Media Centre) - LPR People’s Council (parliament) on Friday passed the law on countering extremist activities.
Deputy Elena Kravchenko noted that “the legislation defines legal and organisational principles to combat extremism and provides for punishment of the perpetrators.”
The document names the government bodies tasked with combating extremism and the key principles of responsibility for individuals and legal entities.
“The law commits government bodies to taking proper measures to counter extremism, such as issuing warnings to leaders of political parties and public (religious) organisation about inadmissibility of actions leading to extremist activity. If such associations engage in extremism that causes damage to personality, society or state, or creates a real threat of such damage, the government bodies have the right to suspend the activity of public association until the court’s decision on liquidating or banning it,” Kravchenko said.
Similar preventive measures apply to mass media outlets.
“The law envisions liquidation, by court ruling, of legal entities providing the extremist organisation with funding, property, training or printing facilities or material assets to carry out extremist activity,” the deputy said.
“Public claims by an official that extremist activity might be permissible or welcome, and the failure to prevent it are the reason to hold such an official responsible in accordance with LPR legislation,” she said.

LuganskMediaCentre — 02 February — Lugansk