11 January 2018, 13:14


LPR Oncology Hospital launches new scanner under ongoing humanitarian programme

LUGANSK, January 11 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Lugansk Republican Clinical Oncology Hospital (LRKOD) has put in operation a new computerised axial tomography scanner as part of the implementation of the Donbass people reunification humanitarian programme.

Clerics of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate officiated at the high-tech equipment consecration ceremony.

“It’s a landmark event for the Republic here in LRKOD launching a new area of cancer diagnosis in LPR territory,” Council of Ministers acting deputy chairman Alexander Drobot said. “We regrettably note that the authorities in Ukraine-controlled part of Lugansk Region have been scaling down the programme for cancer diagnosis and treatment.” 

According to the official, LPR will continue to provide certain kinds of medical assistance under the Donbass people reunification humanitarian programme in 2018.

LPR Health Care Ministry senior surgery and oncology specialist, LRKOD chief doctor Alexander Torba said the new 64-slice scanner is on par with the most advanced models used in former Soviet republics.

“It performs 3D organ pathology scans and facilitates the use of high-tech surgery at the hospital,” he added.

“Of course, this advanced diagnosis is necessary for cancer patients; the old equipment was damaged when this hospital building was hit by a Ukrainian artillery round in 2014,” Torba said.

On February 17 DPR and LPR Heads Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy launched the program of humanitarian assistance for residents of Kiev-occupied part of Donbass. The main goal of the programme is to support socially vulnerable groups in Kiev-held areas. It envisions financial and medical aid and education services.

LPR Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry launched the humanitarian programme website.

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