24 April 2018, 18:03


LPR not to increase natural gas prices

LUGANSK, April 24 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The Luganskgaz state-owned enterprise has no plans to increase the price of natural gas in the Republic, Luganskgaz director Tatyana Bogorodko said on Tuesday.
“Beginning from 2014, we basically haven’t changed the prices for the population; the price actually decreased from January 2016 as a surcharge was dropped,” Bogorodko said at a press briefing at the Lugansk Media Centre.
“We have no immediate plans to increase prices; our Republic does not raise the issue; the price will remain stable,” she said.
The price of natural gas for residents of Ukraine is five to six times higher than for LPR residents, Bogorodko added.
“Whereas retail gas price in Ukraine amounts to 6.9579 hryvnas per cubic metre (which makes up some 16 rubles at the official exchange rate), it costs 2.61 to 7.72 rubles per cubic metre in the Lugansk People’s Republic depending on the demand and type of user,” the Luganskgaz director said.
The share of the users who pay the highest of the designated prices makes up less than 1 percent of all consumers. A majority of consumers pay at the rate of 2.61 - 2.68 rubles per cubic metre.
Consequently, LPR residents pay for natural gas five or six times less than the Ukrainian population. “We have no plans to increase natural gas prices,” Bogorodko emphasized.
The gas prices for all types of consumers  are available on the Luganskgaz website.
A comparative analysis of central heating prices in Lugansk and Severodonetsk indicated that the prices in the Kiev-controlled town were 11 times higher than in the LPR capital, while in Schastye they were four times higher.
Earlier reports said that the Republic would not increase prices of public utilities’ services in 2018 if no contingencies occurred.

LuganskMediaCentre — 24 April — Lugansk