27 April 2017, 14:04


LPR mountaineers to name Caucasian summit LPR Peak

LPR mountaineers plan to climb an unnamed summit in Mount Elbrus area and name it LPR Peak, the Republic’s Pustukhov Tourist and Mountaineer Club chairman Viktor Savostikov told Lugansk Media Centre. 

“We’re having a mountaineering expedition according to the established tradition,” he said adding that the climbers would ascend an unnamed 3,400-meter summit. 

 “We’ll plant a copy of Victory Banner there, the banner of our Republic and our clubs’ banners,” Savostikov said.

Kabardino-Balkaria authorities told LPR mountaineers they would approve the new name.

“After successful ascent, we’ll forward a letter to Kabardino-Balkaria administration requesting to name the summit,” the club chairman said. The Republic’s authorities promised to assist LPR  mountaineers, when everything is settled a certificate confirming the name will be issued.

During 2016 May holidays, a group of LPR mountaineers went on the “Ascent to Feat” expedition to the Caucasus. At high-altitudes, they joined the Victory Day march of the Immortal Regiment paying tribute to World War II heroes.

LuganskMediaCentre — 27 April — Lugansk