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LPR mobile operator launches CSD technology service

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LUGANSK, May 23 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The Lugansk People’s Republic Lugacom operator has launched the Circuit Switched Data service for customers, Lugacom first deputy commercial director Eduard Yegorov said at a news briefing at the Lugansk Media Centre.

Yegorov said that the company would continue to expand the network of base stations and that four 3G stations and two 2G stations had been added to the network of 39 stations commissioned earlier.

“The novelty is the opportunity to use the so-called CSD technology,” he said. “It is needed by enterprises such as public utilities using metering devices and alarm systems. This production cycle in the Republic is now complete.”

Earlier, companies with the equipment based on CSD technology had to resort to services of other mobile operators.

“CSD is a second generation data transfer technology. It precedes GPRS-EDGE, but CSD technology equipment is still in active use today,” the Lugacom official said.

“Enterprises do not want to invest in equipment upgrades; it is their right because it involves sophisticated technology,” Yegorov said. “The CSD service will make our energy supplies more cost efficient.” At the same time, Lugacom, as a full-fledged operator, will meet their needs.

Lugacom has launched eight new cell phone plans since May 16. The details are available at or

“Beginning from June 1, the Internet will only be available to the Lugacom customers who requested this service by phoning our Call Centre or sending a USSD request, he said.

Mobile Internet in the most popular and cheap phone plan Narodny will be available for additional fee.

On June 18 2015, the Republic’s Telecom and Communications Ministry reported the launching of the new republican mobile operator Lugacom; the sale of basic cell phone plans began at LPR post offices in early September. In April 2017, the number of Lugacom active subscribers reached 150,000, in late November, it increased to near 400,000. Over three years of operation, the number of Lugacom customers increased by more than ten-fold.

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