14 June 2018, 17:48


LPR ministry helps Stakhanov enterprise sign contracts worth RUR 9 mln (PHOTOS)

Lugansk, June 14 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The Stakhanov Repair Mechanical Plant (RMZ), assisted by the Board of Directors under the LPR Fuel, Energy and Coal Industry Ministry received an extra package of orders, including from international customers, RMZ director Mikhail Epshtein said during a visit to the company of LPR Fuel, Energy and Coal Industry Minister Pavel Malgin and chairman of the Board of Directors under the Ministry Tatyana Bogorodko.

The guests visited the smelting and metal working shops, talked to workers and held a conference with RMZ executives.

Epshtein said the enterprise was a pioneer in the production and repairs of mining equipment. Its products have been in demand on the domestic and international markets for more than 85 years.

“The company’s operation is stable at present. Thanks to the assistance of the Fuel and Energy Ministry and its Board of Directors, we had new contracts worth eight to nine million rubles. They will secure our stable operation at a profit and without interruptions. Workers get wages, and deductions are made to the budget,” he said.

The best reference for RMZ products is that the company gets no complaints or notices of faults from customers. We have plans for further development and wage increase, Epshtein said.

“Indeed, the Board considered RMZ problems at several meetings and a production development programme was worked out and new destinations were considered. Over this time, we found a sales market in the Lugansk People’s Republic and elsewhere,” Bogorodko said.

Malgin said that the RMZ had an extensive experience in producing and repairing pumps, compressors, hoists, electric engines and mining machinery and servicing surface mine substations.

Earlier, RMZ products were in demand all over Ukraine and former Soviet republics. However, due to the fighting in August-September 2014 and Ukraine-imposed economic blockade, the RMZ lost many destinations, although it had not suspended operation for a single day. Later on, the enterprise stepped up production and is now operating at a profit.

“The fighting caused significant damage to the Republic’s economy and the Stakhanov Repair Mechanical Plant. To promote effective interaction and coordination between state-owned enterprises and government bodies, the LPR Fuel, Energy and Coal Industry Ministry set up the Board of Directors. The plant was able to reanimate production which shows that it was the right decision,” the minister said.

“The enterprise’s activity has picked up noticeably. It has orders and a broader range of products. Of course, we’re happy. The RMZ is developing. We have stable wages,” said Bronislav Spisak, a miller with a 22-year RMZ experience.

The Board of Directors under the LPR Fuel, Energy and Coal Industry Ministry was set up on February 12, 2018. Its first meeting elected the chairman and her deputy and approved the Charter and the composition of the Board. It also announced its aims and goals. Luganskgaz director general Tatyana Bogorodko was elected chairwoman of the Board.

The Board reviews the issues arising in connection with the operation of state-owned companies supervised by the Ministry and works out recommendations on settling them.

The Stakhanov Repair Mechanical Plant (RMZ) was established in 1932 as the Central Electromechanical Shops at the Ilyich Colliery which was part of the Kadievugol Trust. It specialised in the production and repairs of mining equipment. Over years of operation, the plant’s workers were able to overcome all difficulties keeping the company an industry leader noted for reliability, product quality and business integrity. At present, the RMZ is focused on the production and repairs of pumping equipment.

The RMZ offers equipment overhaul, timber casting patterns, cast iron, steel, ferrous metal/stainless steel structures of any complexity, machining and quick wear pump parts.

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