12 July 2018, 16:15


LPR marks 76th anniversary of political commissar Yeremenko’s feat (PHOTOS)

LUGANSK, July 12 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The Lugansk People’s Republic Slavyanoserbskiy district hosted the commemorative event marking the 76th anniversary of the feat of legendary political commissar Alexey Yeremenko best known by the photo called “Kombat.”

Yeremenko, a junior political commissar of 220th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, 18th Army fell in the battle in the Korosheye village area on July 12, 1942. The photo of the Red Army commander raising his unit in an attack, made by frontline correspondent Max Alpert, circled the globe. It was named “Kombat” (a Russian abbreviation for battalion or battery commander) and became a symbol of military courage and valour of the Soviet liberator people. A monument to Yeremenko was put up at the entrance to Slavyanoserbsk in May 1980.

LPR Culture, Sport and Youth Minister Dmitriy Sidorov, advisor to LPR Head for the Cossack community and military and patriotic upbringing Sergei Yurchenko, the Republic’s parliamentarians, local residents and visitors from other districts of the Republic attended the event.

They also laid flowers to the memorial to the militiamen who defended the Republic against Kiev forces.

“The Slavyanoserbskiy district is marking a big date today. It’s the 76th anniversary since Alexei Yeremenko raised fighters for his last combat. Every year we gather at this sacred place at the monument to the “Kombat” and this very fact alone shows that we have a history of our own which we remember and venerate, and that means that we have a future,” head of the Slavyanoserbskiy district administration, chairman of the district branch of the Mir Luganschine social movement Alexander Deineka said.

“Regrettably, history repeats itself, as it did in 2014; this area saw fierce fighting. These are special places which are very important to us; such heroes’ feats set the example to the youths we’re bringing up,” the district official said.

Inspired by the “Kombat’s” feat, militiamen defended the Slavyanoserbskiy district in 2014, and today, the LPR People’s Militia is standing its ground as confidently along the contact line which runs just a few kilometres from the monument.

“We find it very gratifying that LPR residents do not forget their history and commemorate the feats performed by the Soviet solider,” LPR People’s Militia spokesman Andrey Marochko said.

 “LPR People’s Militia servicemen pride themselves on being successors to that great history, and are defending their Lugansk land from fascism as did their grandfathers and great grand-fathers,” he added.

“It so happened that in 2014 that we took the same positions as our grandfathers: same heights, same trenches and even the same dugouts,” former militiaman Vladimir Pronin said. “In 2014, Ukrainian servicemen used the same roads which the Germans used in the offensive against the Slavyanoserbskiy district. In the approaches to (the village of) Smeliy and Slavyanoserbsk, we practically repeated the feat performed by our forefathers. However, it’s best for our descendants to judge the ongoing war.”

The commemorative events marking the 75th anniversary of the legendary “Kombat’s” feat ran in the Slavyanoserbskiy district in 2017.

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