1 March 2018, 18:55


LPR Krasniy Partizan mine launches new coal face

LUGANSK, March 1 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Miners of Krasniy Partizan, a subdivision of Sverdlovantratsit enterprise, launched a new coal face with an estimated daily output of more than 2,000 tons, Sverdlovantratsit’s press service said.

“Today, a government commission launched a new working area of coal face No 3, coal bed i3,” the press service said.

“A powered mining set 2-KD90 and two cutting machines KSh-2KGU are employed. The total length of the face is 308 meters, daily production is planned at 2,180 tons,” it added.

The government commission inspected pre-launch arrangements and went down the shaft to see mining equipment and talk to the miners.

“It is the first coal face to be commissioned in the Lugansk People’s Republic in 2018. We launched 14 new faces last year; the first step has been made this year. Accordingly, we’ll increase production,” said LPR State Mining Inspectorate representative Alexander Karpenko.

In 2017, Sverdlovantratsit miners produced more than 2.5 million tons of coal exceeding the 2015 and 2016 output.

Earlier, LPR People’s Council chairman Denis Miroshnichenko said the Republic had provided social security of workforce at receivership companies.

The law on non-resident companies envisions introduction of state management by appointing interim administration at non-resident businesses operating in the Republic which failed to conclude, by 1 March 2017, the agreement with LPR tax agents on tax deductions to LPR budget. Krasnodonugol, Rovenkiantratsit and Sverdlovantratsit are among the receivership companies.

LuganskMediaCentre — 01 March — Lugansk