6 November 2019, 12:39



LPR key ministries drill tackling attack on power network

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LUGANSK, November 6 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The LPR Ministries of Emergencies, Internal Affairs and Health have carried out drills to tackle an attack on a power substation in Alchevsk.

LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik announced joint drills with the DPR to check how the civil defense system works.

"Today the joint actions of the Unified State System of Preventing and Managing Disasters Aftermath were drilled within the framework of the joint exercise simulating an attack on a power substation in Alchevsk."

The exercise engaged the Ministry of Emergencies, Police and Health Ministry. Acording to the drill scenario, first responders located and cordoned off an IED, search the area for other hazardous objects and restored power supply.

The coordination of actions with the DPR ministries has also been checked.

Previous LPR-DPR civil defense drills took place on January 22-25.

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