25 May 2017, 16:16



LPR Interior Ministry takes 1,000 calls from Kiev-controlled Lugansk Region in a month

Some 1,000 residents of Kiev controlled part of Lugansk Region called LPR Interior Ministry hotline in a month to tell about their problems and report crimes by Ukrainian nationalistic squads, the Republic’s Interior Minister Major-General Igor Kornet told a news briefing at Lugansk Media Centre on Thursday.

The hotline was launched as part of the Donbass people reunification humanitarian programme to provide legal assistance to residents living in Kiev-controlled area of Lugansk region.

“A month has passed; LPR Interior Ministry took some 1,000 calls from Kiev-held areas. People trust us, share their hopes and report crimes committed by Ukraine’s National Guard, armed forces and nationalistic squads like Aidar,” Kornet said.

“Every report is recorded and checked by our operations units,” he said.

Nearly one-third of callers reported shelling of LPR territory by Kiev forces and location of firing positions.

The minister noted a resounding case where a serviceman from Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine 8th special operations regiment sold his unit’s personal data to LPR police.

LPR Interior Ministry round-the-clock hotline operators take calls from residents of Kiev-controlled part of Lugansk region who suffered from Kiev forces’ actions.

On February 17 DPR and LPR Heads Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy launched the program of humanitarian assistance for residents of Kiev-occupied part of Donbass.

 The main goal of the programme is to support socially vulnerable groups. It includes financial, medical and educational aid to socially vulnerable groups as well as measures to ensure environmental safety of Donbass residents. LPR Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry launched the humanitarian programme website.

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