9 January 2017, 23:57


LPR Interior Ministry finds nearly all missing underaged in 2016, solves 311 youth crimes

LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs found almost all missing adolescents in 2016.

"118 applications concerning missing underage children were reviewed, 116 of those reported missing were found," the ministry said in its report.

No one of those found has become a victim of crime.

In the 11 month of 2016 law enforcement authorities solved 311 crimes committed by underage persons, 196 of them committed back in 2015.

13 cases of adolescents involvement into crime were uncovered.

"The law enforcement authorities revealed 21 troubled families where parents failed to perform parental duties. Twenty-five children were removed from the families and placed to child care centers."

In October 2016 officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs together with Child Care workers carried out a program aimed at finding troubled families.

LuganskMediaCentre — 09 January — Lugansk