21 November 2017, 20:04



LPR Interior Ministry curbs terror attack, defies move to dismiss its head

LUGANSK, November 21 (Lugansk Media Centre) - LPR Interior Ministry has thwarted a resounding act of terror planned by a Ukrainian commando squad trying to penetrate into the Republic’s territory.

“Law-enforcement bodies fully control the situation in the Republic at present,” Interior Minister Igor Kornet said. “The Interior Ministry operates as usual; its staff are continuing to perform their duties.”

“I also wish to dispel the rumours about my resignation,” Kornet added.

“There’s been un upsurge of criticism of the Interior Ministry in the mass media recently as a result of destructive actions by certain officials. They have purposefully supplied false information to the LPR head alleging the involvement of Interior Ministry personnel in unlawful activity. This is explained by the fact that we received incontrovertible evidence of certain high-placed officials’ criminal activities damaging the interests of the Republic and its people,” he said.

The Interior Ministry and the State Security Ministry implemented measures proving that LPR State Radio and Television Company Director Anastasia Shurkayeva had been collaborating with Ukrainian secret services,” the interior minister said.

"Law-enforcers also ascertained that LPR leader’s administration chief of staff Irina Teitsman and head of the Government Security Service Yevgeny Seliverstov had faked the September 2016 government overthrow in LPR. As a result, my comrade-in-arms, former Prime Minister Gennadiy Tsypkalov was killed and People’s Militia deputy commander Vitaliy Kiselyov was sentenced to a long prison term.

“On Monday night, I presented the available materials to LPR leader Igor Plotnitskiy who decided on criminal prosecution and arrest of all the suspects. I reiterate that we fully control the situation,” Kornet said.

LuganskMediaCentre — 21 November — Lugansk