29 August 2019, 22:30



LPR hopes to inspect land around Stanitsa bridge demibed by Ukraine

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LUGANSK, August 29 (Lugansk Media Centre) – LPR hopes that Ukraine shall provide its engineers with an opportunity to inspect the territory surrounding the Stanitsa Luganskaya bridge, demined by Ukrainian engineers, said LPR People’s Militia command acting chief of staff Colonel Mikhail Filiponenko.

Earlier LPR allowed Ukrainian demining experts to inspect the area demined by LPR engineers.

"We count on a symmetrical step of the Ukrainian side," Filiponenko said.

He said the LPR had not impeded the bridge reconstruction, but contributes to efficient work to restore it.

"Yesterday a joint inspection by LPR and Ukrainian engineers of emergency ministries was carried out at the bridge, as Ukraine asked to inspect the territory demined by the LPR."

Currently there is only one official checkpoint at the line of contact in LPR area of responsibility in Donbass and it is accessible via the bridge in vicinity of Stanitsa Luganskaya. Only pedestrian traffic here is possible thanks to temporary conduit, as the bridge was blown up by Ukrainian forces in early 2015. LPR has been continuously proposing to rebuild it.

Kiev has disrupted the finalizing the ICRC bridge restoration project from the very beginning of the discussion demanding that its width be limited in order to prevent the passage of armored vehicles.

The LPR repeatedly pointed out that the Ukrainian demands were ridiculous as the parameters proposed by the Republic (three meters in width and a load capacity of five tons) made military hardware traffic impossible, yet they met the minimum requirements to the passage of ambulances.

Ambulance service is essential as people queuing at the checkpoint for hours often lose consciousness and even die.

At the Contact Group meeting in Minsk on July 17, Kiev and LPR representatives agreed to join efforts to reconstruct bridge.

The territory around the bridge and checkpoint is extensively overgrown and contaminated with UXO. Demining began there on August 1.

LuganskMediaCentre — 29 August — Lugansk