20 November 2017, 18:22



LPR head ousts Minister of Interior Igor Kornet

LUGANSK, November 20 (Lugansk Media Centre) – LPR head Igor Plotnitskiy ousted Minister of Interior Igor Kornet, appointing head of criminal police Vladimir Cherkov acting minister of internal affairs, the announcement published by the LPR leader website says.

"Following the criminal investigation launched against the minister of internal affairs I. Kornet, the decision of Leninskiy district of Lugansk court dated 20.11.2017 on dismissing Kornet from his position, the request of the People's Council Committee on State Security and Defense, Law Enforcement Authorities and Judicial System, Law, Human and Citizen Rights and Freedoms, Mr. Kornet is dismissed from his position as the minister of Internal Affairs of the Lugansk People's Republic on November 20, 2017," the announcement reads.

"Pursuant to the LPR head decree, acting deputy head of interior, head of criminal police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Alexandrovich Cherkov is appointed acting minister of internal affairs," Plotnitskiy's administration said.

Igor Kornet was born in 1973 in Lugansk (known as Voroshilovgrad at the time) to a family of a career officer. Upon graduation from Poltava Higher Command School of Missile Rocketshe was employed with internal affairs agencies. Appointed LPR Interior Minister in 2014.

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