23 July 2018, 18:13


LPR Head on autocephaly sought by Kiev: puppet regime wants to split Orthodox world

Kiev puppet regime which unleashed the fratricidal war after a state coup has focused all its efforts on stirring up another war, on religious grounds.

Fomented by the catholic West, Kiev is willing to subject all orthodox people to bloodshed and suffering, with the sole purpose of depriving people of their ancestry, united church and esprit de corps, of submerging it into dissolution, confusion and severance.

Incumbent Ukrainian politicians have made fortunes worth billions on a fratricidal war, and now they want to deprive people of the basics – Orthodox Christianity, to suit others' political goals. They are unaware of the fact that the division of the Orthodox Church they breed provokes another war, the one that is far more dreadful – a religious war that is going to drown Ukraine in blood.

Their overseas puppeteers perfectly realize it and push their puppets towards an autocephaly pursuing this particular goal of pitting Ukrainian people against each other in a brutal fight.

As an Orthodox person, I urge my fellow Christians around the world to avoid this dire split of Orthodox Churches sought by political scoundrel ruled by the West.  

As a head of the Lugansk People's Republic I declare in good faith: If Kiev regime unleashes religious war in Ukraine we are ready to back our fellow Orthodox brothers and protect them from religious genocide. Kiev's war against the faith of our ancestors is going to become the last crime of this murderous regime against its own people.


Lugansk People's Republic Head

Leonid Pasechnik

LuganskMediaCentre — 23 July — Lugansk