1 March 2017, 18:52


LPR Head expects plan of economy rearrangement for Russian market

LPR Head Igor Plotnitskiy ordered to develop a plan of the rearrangement of Republican economy for Russian market.

"As we introduce our administration on all Ukrainian enterprises we shall rearrange our economy for Russia and other countries," LPR Head Igor Plotnitskiy said.

"I ask you to develop a plan or present your view on how we shall work in the nearest future to rearrange our economy. What do we need or what do we lack to get to the level," he said addressing ministers.

Plotnitskiy emphasized that all employees of Ukrainian companies shall keep their jobs and be socially protected.

LPR law on taxation provides that all non-resident companies who failed to register with LPR tax authorities before March 1, are to be put under receivership (external administration).

LuganskMediaCentre — 01 March — Lugansk