29 March 2018, 13:30


LPR Emergencies Ministry awards Russian rescuers who brought 75th humanitarian aid convoy

LUGANSK, March 29 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Lugansk People’s Republic emergencies minister Sergey Ivanushkin has awarded 12 Russian rescuers who brought the 75th benchmark humanitarian aid convoy to Lugansk earlier on Thursday.

The awards were handed in before the unloading operation.

“Three Russian Emergency Situations Ministry staff are awarded the badge “For Services” by Sergey Ivanushkin’s order for their priceless support of the LPR Emergencies Ministry, the caring attitude and tremendous contribution to the protection of the population and territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic from emergency situations and their aftermath.” Another four Russian rescuers were commended and five more received certificates of appreciation. The awards were handed in by LPR Emergencies Ministry Crisis Control Centre chief Yevgeniy Katsavalov.

“On behalf of the Republic’s leadership and all LPR Emergencies Ministry personnel I thank you for your priceless contribution to the establishment of our Republic, your help and efforts and wish you success, health and luck. We also wish to see you as often as possible here, not only with humanitarian convoys but as people on a friendly visit,” Katsavalov said.

In response, the Russian convoy leader handed in presents to LPR Emergencies Ministry officers.

The Lugansk colleagues crafted traditional field kitchen meals for the Russian rescuers.

Russian Emergency Situations Ministry representative Andrey Vysotskiy who had travelled to the Republic more than 50 times with humanitarian assignments said that the unexpected award was “a pleasant surprise.”

“We had some difficulties at first as we had no idea what we had to deliver and where to go. Now we’ve got used to it; it’s a routine,” I love Lugansk with its friendly residents and pretty girls,” Vysotskiy said. “I also feel that my work is needed, I’m glad to have this mission, so everybody is happy to drive here being well aware of the significance of our cause.”

On Thursday, ten EMERCOM trucks delivered to the Republic more than 144.8 tons of relief supplies, including 42.5 tons of food for infants (5,682 kits) and 102.3 tons of food for children up to three years of age (12,742 kits).

On February 22, 2018, 16 EMERCOM trucks delivered to the LPR more than 144.8 tons of humanitarian cargoes.

The first Russian humanitarian aid convoy arrived in the Lugansk People’s Republic on August 22, 2014. Russia has delivered more than 73,000 tons of relief supplies to LPR and DPR residents since.

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