1 November 2018, 09:18




LPR Election Commission reports email hacking attempt

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LUGANSK, November 1 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Cyber criminals made several unsuccessful attempts to crack into the Lugansk People’s Republic Central Election Commission email account, a CEC official told the Lugansk Media Centre.

“Unidentified persons made repeated attempts today to compromise the CEC email account,” the official said.

“We can only guess who might be behind this; we note the fact that the cyber attack occurred after the UN Security Council meeting at which Ukraine challenged the legitimacy of the upcoming LPR and DPR elections,” he said.

“The cyber attack failed. The work to organise and carry out the elections of the Head of the Republic and People’s Council deputies proceeds according to schedule,” the CEC said.

CEC chairwoman Yelena Kravchenko said that the attempts to interfere with the operation of the Election Commission and foil the election “clearly show the encroachment upon Donbass residents’ voting rights.”

In the course of the UN Security Council meeting in New York on October 30 over the November 11 parliamentary and Head of the Republic elections in Donbass, the representatives of the western countries voted against the proposal to let LPR Central Election Commission chairwoman Elena Kravchenko report on the situation in the region.

The Security Council discussion of the Donbass November 11 elections is absurd in the absence of the LPR and the DPR representatives, LPR’s acting Head Leonid Pasechnik said. The Republic’s acting Foreign Minister Vladislav Deinego said that such discussion was at odds with international law.

On September 7, LPR lawmakers passed the resolution setting November 11, 2018 as the date for parliamentary and Head elections. On September 6,  acting LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik signed the parliament-approved bills amending the LPR Provisional Basic Law (Constitution) and certain election law which extended the term of office for the Head of the Republic and parliamentarians from four to five years starting from the next election.

After verification of the documents and support lists, the CEC registered four candidates for the country’s top post, as well as the parliament candidate lists of the social movements Mir Luganschine and Lugansk Economic Union (LES).

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