28 January 2021, 17:39


LPR, DPR to strengthen support of compatriots in Ukraine - Pasechnik

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LUGANSK, January 28 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The Donbass Republics will make efforts to strengthen the support of compatriots living in Ukraine, LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik said at the “Russian Donbass” integration forum in Donetsk.

“Together with my colleague (DPR Head) Denis Pushilin, we’ll try to provide more support to our compatriots living in Ukraine,” Pasechnik said. “We’ll issue instructions to draw a humanitarian programme as a framework for dialogue with the reasonable political forces that can stand up for the Russian-speaking population and resist nationalism.”

He regretted the fact that part of relatives and friends of Donbass residents who also voted for freedom and independence in 2014, remained in the Kiev-controlled territory behind the contact line.

“But they’ve made their choice, so we have no right to give them up. People ask us to help, and we’ve been helping them all these years,” the LPR leader said adding that the LPR would continue to support them in the future regardless of any circumstance.

“Despite the blockade by Kiev, hostilities and non-recognition by the global community, we have helped and will continue to help them, because Russians do not leave their people in harm’s way. To this end, the LPR adopted the law on persons subjected to political persecution by Ukraine, which provides for granting political asylum to citizens of Ukraine who are persecuted by their state today,” Pasechnik said.

 The forum presented the cultural and historical doctrine “Russian Donbass” which has to become the ideological platform of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.


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