31 January 2018, 15:34


LPR, DPR leaders sign protocol of intent to establish common customs space

LUGANSK, January 31 (Lugansk Media Centre) -  Acting LPR head Leonid Pasechnik and DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko have signed a protocol of intent to establish one customs space between the two Republics.
The signing ceremony was attended by LPR Council of Ministers Chairman Sergey Kozlov, his first deputy Oleg Chernousov, DPR Council of Ministers Deputy Chairman Alexander Timofeyev, acting DPR Transport Minister Igor Andriyenko and DPR Customs Department Director Vitaliy Pankov.
“Of course, the signing of these documents means rapprochement between our Republics. We have nothing to quarrel over: we have one people, one land, one objective. Consequently, the signing of these documents will be very useful to our economies and interaction, including in the political arena and in supporting the social stability of our Republics,” Pasechnik said.
The DPR head noted that the occasion in question opened a new stage in the Republics’ development.
“We’ve already accomplished much, hopefully, we’ll be able to do more now that the documents have been signed,” Zakharchenko said. “Today’s protocol of intent allows for our closer economic cooperation; it will show our enemies that we’re united and undefeatable.”
 “We’ve signed today not only the protocol of intent which provides for dismantling our customs borders in the future, but also a railway transportation cooperation agreement.”
Acting DPR Transport Minister Igor Andriyenko noted that the agreement was signed between Donetsk Railways and Lugansk Railways state-owned enterprises.
Zakharchenko congratulated the officials attending the ceremony on the accords.
“No matter how much our enemies want to claim that we’re divided, it’s not true. Everything is good in its season. The day has come when we say that we should have a common border; we have one enemy and we have one future. My congratulations on this day. I wish our Republics prosperity and victory,” he said.

LuganskMediaCentre — 31 January — Lugansk