25 January 2019, 16:57



LPR-DPR joint drills of Civil Defence end succesfully

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LUGANSK, January 25 (Lugansk Media Centre) – LPR-DPR joint drills of Civil Defence forces have wrapped up on Friday, said the LPR Minister of Emergencies Evgeniy Katsavalov.

LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik announced large-scale joint LPR-DPR drills of Civil Defence for January 22-25 focusing on tackling emergencies and civilian evacuation.

"The comprehensive drills were generally successful, all the ministries and services involved showed a high level of work, coordination and fulfilling tasks."

The aim of the drills was, according to Katsavalov, to check the readiness of the civil defense forces to withstand emergencies and tackle their consequences in coordination with local civil defense units within the Unified state civil defense system, developing professional kills of staff members.

The drills comprised the following scenarios:

- Civilians evacuation from zones struck by disaster, preparing temporary lodging, providing medical assistance and first aid necessities kits delivery.

- Anti-terrorist operations in case of attacks on hazardous infrastructure

- Checks of competence of committees on technogenic environmental safety and emergencies

Executive authorities, local administrations, self-government bodies and ministries were part of the drills.

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