4 May 2018, 19:48


LPR, DPR denounce Kiev-proposed POW swap plan as contradictory to Minsk Agreements

LUGANSK, May 4 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The LPR and the DPR have rejected Kiev-proposed plan on the POW exchange as contradictory to the Minsk Agreements,  said LPR representative in the Contact Group humanitarian subgroup Olga Kobtseva.

"Today, the Ukrainian side made a suggestion concerning a "27 for 9" prisoner exchange contradictory to the Minsk Agreements. The Republics have dismissed it as inconsistent with the Minsk Agreements, setting forth an "all for all" exchange."

"We keep demanding an all for all confirmed persons swap," she said.

Earlier Kobtseva said that the Ukrainian side in the Contact Group's humanitarian working group is trying to derail the coordination of prisoner exchange by demanding Russia to join the talks on the issue, though it is not a side to the conflict.

In mid-March, the humanitarian group's work was almost blocked due to the absence of authorized and competent experts on the Ukrainian side.

The exchange of captives between Donbass Republics and Ukraine remains one of the key issues of Minsk Agreements.

LuganskMediaCentre — 04 May — Lugansk