3 May 2019, 13:59


LPR dismisses Kiev's alleged advance in Novozvanovka as fake

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LUGANSK, May 3 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Ukrainian reported advance in the vicinity of Novozvanovka is fake, said LPR People's Militia press service officer Ivan Filiponenko.

The commander of the 46th Ukrainian battalion Vyacheslav Vlasenko said on May 2 that its units have made a one km advance in the vicinity of Novozvanovka after a successful operation, and took control over advantageous positions.

"I officially denounce this statement," Filiponenko said.

"This announcement is a blatant lie aimed at showing off with fake victories in the eyes of the country's authorities. An apology for a commander, has apparently decided to kill two birds with one shot by presenting non-combat losses as combat and recommend himself for an award for a "successful" operation."

"We can see as the PR disease of the JFO commander Sergey Nayev is being transmitted as a virus to other "great Ukrainian commanders"."

LuganskMediaCentre — 03 May — Lugansk