27 November 2017, 15:21



LPR Council of Ministers chairman says fighting corruption is top priority

LUGANSK, November 27 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Comprehensive fight against corruption is a top priority for the LPR, said the Council of Ministers chairman Sergey Kozlov in an interview to GTRK LPR TV channel.

"The roads are in an extremely poor condition, especially between Rovenki, Sverdlovsk, Krasnyi Luch, Antratsit. I will not point out the reasons now, but I can say that the corruption has taken its toll, it is present now."

"The primary task is to fight corruption, not only when it comes to roads, but in all other spheres as well," Kozlov said.

Earlier LPR acting head Leonid Pasechnik said he considered it necessary to isolate corruptioneers from the society.

LuganskMediaCentre — 27 November — Lugansk