28 August 2018, 12:57



LPR Communications Ministry plans to restore stable Lugakom service by 15:00

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LUGANSK, August 28 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Lugansk People’s Republic Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry specialists plan to restore stable operation of the Lugakom mobile provider and access to the Internet in a number of LPR towns by 15:00, the Ministry said.
“The LPR Communications Ministry reports that on August 28, at approximately 3:00 a.m., there was a trunk line accident between the Gornyatskiy settlement and the Alchevsk town which can cause Lugakom network outages and limit access to the Internet in the settlements of Alchevsk, Bryanka, Stakhanov, Perevalsk, Kirovsk, Irmino, Almaznaya, Beloye, Belorechenka, Mikhailovka and Troitskoye,” the Ministry said.
Communications Ministry personnel are currently performing repairs which are expected to be completed by 15:00 on August 28.

LuganskMediaCentre — 28 August — Lugansk