19 July 2017, 19:07


LPR cattle to be registered and tagged permanently – state veterinary service

LUGANSK, July 19 (Lugansk Media Center) – LPR state veterinary service (SVS) announced plans to register all cattle in the Republic, as over 1.5 thousand animals have been already identifies with ear tags.

"We have identified 1,537 animals, of which 1,387 are cows, bovine cattle," the SVS said.

The identification is obligatory for all cattle, as transportation and sale of animals or animal products made of unidentified animals is prohibited.

All cattle across LPR farms will be identified with ear tags with 11 character ID numbers containing letters and numbers.

"The tags vary in form and color depending on the species: cows are branded with two identical pink tags in both ears; sheep are identified with green tags in right ear, goats have one yellow tag. These tags are permanent and should be attached to the animal during its lifetime," the SVS explained. 

The purpose of animal identification is biosecurity and product quality and safety control, it said.

LuganskMediaCentre — 19 July — Lugansk