3 October 2017, 22:27


LPR cartoonist wins Fisheye Film Festival top award

LPR cartoonist wins Fisheye Film Festival top award

LUGANSK, October 3 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Lugansk State Academy of Culture and Arts (LGAKI) graduate, head of the LGAKI Children Academy of Arts Yula Animation Studio Anna Vegera won top animation prize at the Fisheye amateur film festival.

The finals and the award giving ceremony took place in the Japanese town of Miyakonojo bringing together the delegations of all five participant countries: Russia, Japan, South Korea, China and Mongolia. Russian film industry was represented by Irkutsk-based Aist television company which presented Vegera's thesis project, an animated cartoon short “Fairy Tales Over the Phone” based on Gianni Rodari story.

The Lugansk resident did not attend the award-giving ceremony and learnt about her success from a Lugansk Media Centre reporter.

“I didn’t hear the news from Japan; nobody told me,” Vegera said. “Of course, I’m happy! I sent my cartoon on the off chance, having no idea that it might work out.”

“I graduated from the Academy last year majoring in cartoon animation and got a specialist’s degree; this cartoon is my thesis project. It is my first cartoon which became the starting point in my career,” she said. “Each author tries to put their heart in their project, but at that time, I never though about festival; my priority was to defend the thesis at the Academy.”

 “The cartoon is based on an “experimental cutout” technique: that’s what we call it; in actual fact, it is little known and has no official name  yet; it has just emerged, it has no reference material, in fact no information about it can be found,” Vegera said. “I’ve dug up just about eight trailers based on that technique on the Internet.  When my supervisors suggested I use it, I took time to decide doubting if I could cope.”

“I had to learn the ropes on my own in order to gain insight never assuming that I might like it so much,” the cartoonist said.

It took her a year of daily efforts to complete the cartoon under the guidance of her teacher Natalia Yemchenko.

Many processes had to be carried out; Vegera wrote the plot herself, used computer-aided graphics to draw the cartoon and merged the images. The material then was filmed in real time. “I introduced voice-over which is a novelty. Voice talents were Vladislav Shevchuk and Sofia Bovsha,” Vegera said.

She recalled that when she was a five-year student at the Academy, her cartoon won two awards and a jury’s prize at the 7th International Film Festival “Light of the World” in Yaroslavl.

“When I travelled to Yaroslavl, I talked with jury members who said the beginning was good but that there was room for improvement. I shared the second place with the Soyuzmultfilm company. It’s hard to tell how they judged me: I presented my own work, and Soyuzmultfilm is a studio employing many experienced people. Perhaps, they saw something in my cartoon, so I’ll continue to learn to draw; I like my profession. I have many ideas but at present, I have to study a lot as I’m am taking a master’s degree programme; there’s much work to do: I’ve headed the Yula animation studio under LGAKI Children’s Academy for three years and had to set aside many things,” she said.

Vegera said she was confident that her Lugansk colleagues would be able to show their talents at international contests more than once.

“We have talented teachers and students; we already have many good projects done by students. The Academy department is young, it has operated for six-odd years, and it developing, so we have the world before us,” she added.

The Fisheye international film festival was arranged by Irkutsk-based Aist television company in 1997. It brings together representatives of Russia, Mongolia, South Korea and Japan at national and international stages. Every year, the festival’s finals take place in different countries.

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